Is Israel an apartheid state? 

 The short answer is unequivocal yes! But for those who are skeptical, let the record speak for itself. The following section is a comparison between apartheid South Africa and an analysis of Israeli policies and practices... Read More 

Israel's legal basis for segregation and discrimination ... Read More 

Zionism: Historical / Ideological Development ... Read More

ods News

The participants of the 4th ODS Conference have adopted the following principles and submit the note on the Munich Declaration for One Democratic State (ODS) for discussion and consideration: Read More

The Munich ods declaration 

One Democratic State (ODS) shall be established in the entire territory of historic Palestine between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River as one country that belongs to all its citizens including all those who currently live there and all those who were expelled over the past century and their descendants.  
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Is Israel a colonial state? 

 Israel was established because of the existence of a European racist and settler colonial ideology through the application of carefully and deliberately fabricated myths. But unlike classical settler-colonialism, Zionism and Zionists have never maintained an umbilical cord to a mother European country nor with plans solely to exploit local natives and resources. Instead, Zionism and Zionists argued for close cooperation with ... Read More

The dallas ods declaration 

We, the people of Palestine and our descendants, call on all those who value justice and peace to join us in a movement to establish one democratic state in Palestine that can serve all its people equally. In making this call, we draw insight and guidance from the past, especially ... Read More

one state vs. two states in historic palestine 

 Since 1948, it has been the consensus of the international community that a durable and just settlement for the Palestine/Israel conflict entails the creation of two states: Palestine and Israel and the return of all Palestinian refugees expelled by Israel and their compensation.   ~This consensus was based on UNGA Resolutions 181 of November 29, 1947 which partitioned ... Read More


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leibowitz on the nazification of israel

                                                                                                                                                                                           The late Israeli-Jewish Yeshayahu

                                                               Leibowitz had no reservations in

                                                               discussing the “Nazification” of

                                                               Israeli society and used “Judeo- 

                                                               Nazi” to describe the Israeli army.

Apartheid Israel: current News

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